Monday, November 2, 2015

It's only been a short time ...

since I last wrote a blog post and things have changed.

My last post started off with the search for a high school for Miss now-12.  We are over the moon to report that she has been accepted into the Specialist Agricultural Program that she had applied for.

Then I mentioned that Miss now-14 had nearly fully recovered from her bout of Glandual Fever - well unfortunately she's had another three attacks since then.  She is however working hard to keep up with her school work, cello and part-time job.

AND I mention that I was going well at work - um, well, I was made redundant at the beginning of October.  As I said, short period of time lots of changes.

I have decided to build up my own business focusing on computer training and work.  So far so good, but I do need a few more clients.

For those without Facebook here are some recent (Halloween) pictures of the girls:

AND here are some other random pictures of them:
Miss 14 on her Birthday

Miss 12 doing what she loves best

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Update on Life :)

Just taking a few minutes out to update any of my readers who are still checking in here (thanks guys).

Things are going well, and busy.  Always busy.

I thought they would get less busy as the girls got older, but I was wrong.

The big challenge this year is for Miss Nearly-12 who needs to find a High School for next year.  For the past three years she has had her heart set on the Specialist Agricultural Program and a local (but "out of area") High School  To get into the program she had to submit a A4 page HANDWRITTEN letter as to why she wanted to do the program along with copies of her school reports, references etc. Then on the basis of this, they chose children to interview.  She had her interview yesterday.  I do think it is a big ask for these children to go through and interview like this on their own at this age. (Parents waited outside).  Anyway, by her account, the interview went well. So now we are just waiting for a letter (2-3 weeks) to let us know if she has been accepted or not.

The program itself sounds really good.  The school has a mini-farm on the premise and a larger farm in the vicinity.  In Year 7 they only get out to the big farm twice (apparently they only do this program twice a week in year 7, so they focus on the mini-farm), but as they go up through the years (4 year program) they spend more and more time out on the big one.

We do however, have a back up plan.  The local High School (walking distance), offers a specialist Technical, Engineering and Maths program and she has also been accepted for this.  But it's definitely her second choice (and the school is okay with that and are happy for her to put her offer on hold until she knows about the first program).

Meanwhile, Miss Nearly-14 (WHERE DID THE TIME GO) is almost fully recovered from her bout of Glandular Fever and is back into the swing of things.  This term she has a couple of competition performances with the Band to add into the mix.  Oh should mention that Miss Nearly-12 has a similar competition performance with the Choir she is in coming up soon too.

Other than that, she's focusing on her studies, Cello playing (did I tell you she started playing the Cello last year) and her part-time job (yep, she has one of those too - localish winery / cafe as waitress/general dogsbody).

Meanwhile, I'm still working at the same job (nearly 3.5years there now), although my role is supposed to change to focusing on Office 365 Adoptions rather than general training / consulting.  I'm not sure how this will work out long term, but for now I will just wait and see.

Hubby is going well and working hard.  No major news there to report.

I did manage to get up to the farm last weekend for a shoot.  The first night out wasn't too bad, got a couple of rabbits but didn't see much else and unfortunately a storm came through which meant we didn't get out the second night.  They have had a lot of rain up there over the last couple of weeks (which is good, the crops are loving it), however the ground is very boggy and you really have to be careful driving around.  I am going up with some people from my gun club in a couple of weeks again, so hopefully the goats will be around.

So that's it for now.  Hopefully catch you soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cooking again

Hi All,

I know it's been awhile.  But I wanted to post this here so I could find it again. It's my new favourite recipe.

If you have some lemons laying around and want to impress people I suggest you try this.  Everyone who ate it today (I had a Postie Party) asked for the recipe.

I also did my impossible pie recipe (which I've posted before), along with my new favourite soup recipe (Leek, Potato, Corn & White Beans).  All were hits.

All in all a fun day :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

ANZAC Day 2015

Girls in their volunteer fire cadet uniforms (at 3.30am) getting ready for the ANZAC march.

Dawn service at Armdale.

Friday, April 24, 2015

100 years ... Lest We Forget

Tomorrow marks the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

Like thousands of Australians, or more likely millions, we will be at a Dawn Service to mark the occasion.  The service will not only remember those that fought and died at Gallipoli, but all of those who have served and do serve in the Australian and New Zealand armed forces.

Both the girls' schools held remembrance services today.  I am surprised by the facts about Gallipoli that they have been taught.  I remember the ANZAC services from my school days but I don't remember being taught about what it represented or means in the depth that they have been.  I am very pleased that this is part of their education.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another photo

Posted a photo of Miss 11 in my last blog so thought I would post one of Miss 13.  She's just been out to a friend's birthday party where they got to ride in a stretched hummer and drink non-al champagne.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wow, April already

Can't believe how time flies when you're having fun too busy to know if you're having fun or not ;)

No, things are good and yes, I'm having fun.

Nothing stunning but I have been up the farm - saw some animals, even rabbits and managed to get two of them.  (Well I only aimed at two which I got, the others were too fast for me to aim at).  It's good to see rabbits on the farm again (well from my point of view, the farmer might not be too pleased).  Didn't see any foxes this time though, nor goats, which is really sad, as I was looking forward to getting some goat meat.

I finally got to shoot my .22 Ruger at the club on Sunday.  Lovely little gun.  Really nice to fire. And the air pistol got a good work out too.

And I have been reading.  Re-read all of the Monster Hunter series (Larry Correia), discovered a new fun-to-read series by Diane Henders - Never Say Spy and read Cory Doctorow's book Pirate Cinema. This books seems particularly timely given the Federal Court decision this week to force ISPs to provide name and addresses of people who illictly downloaded Dallas Buyers Club (News article here.)

The other thing that is "top of my list" at the moment is Miss 11's application for the Specialist Agricultural Program at a local (but out-of-area) high school.  Applications close on the 24th and she has to do a handwritten letter with supporting information (seriously, who hand writes a whole A4 page these days?!?).

To help with the "supporting information" I have been going through old photos - here's one on probably her first horse ride ever

and this one is from a couple of weeks ago

EEEK, where did that time go?

Anyway, all for now.  Hope you all had a great Easter.